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The house of Quranic studies has been established in 1988 and is one of the features of Ahmed Al-Fateh Mosque, the main objectives of the house of Quranic studies:
  1. Teaching the science of tajweed both theoretically and applied in addition to other sciences of the Quran.

  2.  Setting the curriculums for the memorizing classes of the Quran and the basics of tajweed and methodologies of teaching the Quran for different age and academic groups.

  3. Supervision of the teaching and setting the teaching methods of the Quran in the different main Islamic centers around Bahrain.

  4. Organizing the final exams for all the centers belonging to the ministry of Islamic affairs and contributing in forming the board of examinations and setting the standards for grading the students, in addition to judging the competitors in different Quran competitions.    
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